Wolverine’s Powers And Abilities

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Wolverines Powers And AbilitiesSince his introduction way back in Wolverine has been one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, but although famous for being a mutant and Canada’s first superhero, exactly what are his powers and abilities? Having first been created by Len Wein and Herb Trimp with some input from John Romita Sr and appearing in the Incredible Hulk issues # 180-181, he was an instant success and he soon found a home amongst other mutants and joined the X-men. Known as Logan with his various iconic costumes and razor sharp claws, along with a really bad attitude (that we really love here at Superheroes Central) he was always destined for greatness, and he was brought to life alongside the other X-men first on television in various animated series and then Hugh Jackman really made him a part of popular culture with his insanely good portrayal of the cigar chomping, claw wielding maniac on the big screen, first in the X-men movie trilogy and then in a series of stand alone Wolverine films(and although not all these films were great, Jackman was amazing as it seemed he was channelling Logan straight out of the comics) and now Wolverine is one of the most recognisable superheroes ever.


What Is Wolverine’s Mutant Power

What is Wolverine’s mutant power? Actually Wolverine has several mutant abilities some more pronounced than others, in fact it could be argued that Wolverine is more than just a cool superhero moniker, but is more of a description, because some of Logan’s powers while subtle are actually animalistic in nature.

  • Healing factor, this is of course most iconic and powerful ability which has not granted him and extended lifespan (close to 150 years old) but has allowed him survive complex surgical procedures (we’ll talk about that later) , it has also allowed him to survive horrific and what would otherwise have been fatal injuries like surviving a nuclear blast, being run over by a steam roller and having it parked on his head, having all of his flesh burned of his body and reduced to skeleton(and having to wait while his blood, internal organs and skin regenerated over time), being torn in half by the hulk(who threw his upper half to a distant mountain top, forcing Logan to crawl back using just his arms to drag himself), Nick Fury cutting his head off and hiding his body(not very nice Nick), the Hulk eating him(after the Hulk killed his family, Logan returned the favour by killing the Hulk’s evil kids, and so after losing to the Hulk, he was dinner, but it seems Logan is a tad indigestible and cut his way out of the green giants belly, paybacks a bitch) regenerating from a single drop of blood(this one is quite a famous feat, but there were cosmic powers in play so maybe it shouldn’t count). Needless to say lots of bad things happen to you in the comics when you can regenerate from nearly any wound and it should be mentioned that although he is able to heal from nearly any injuries he does feel pain as acutely as a normal person, so it hurts. A lot.  And unfortunately it actually turns out Logan wasn’t unkillable after all.
  • 3 retractable bone claws which protrude from each of  his wrists(not metal which we’ll discuss later)
  • Acute senses including enhanced eyesight allowing Wolverine to see in the dark and great distances, has enhanced hearing allowing him to hear frequencies of sounds that ordinary people can’t, has an enhanced sense of smell allowing him to track people and objects over great distances aswell as detect shapeshifters (mystique is that you)
  • Enhanced durability because his healing factor keeps toxins and acid build up out his muscles allowing him go on almost indefinitely
  • Superhuman agility far beyond what an ordinary person is capable of, this is part of what makes Wolverine such a formidable hand to hand opponent
  • Enhanced Strength, whist not as powerful as many in the Marvel universe he is able to lift between 1 and 2 tons making him far stronger than the average person and another part of why he is so dangerous to fight in close combat.
  • Enhanced speed and reflexes, he has been known to dodge bullets, blitz bad guys before they could pull the trigger, and combined with his claws, healing factor, stamina, agility and strength make this guy the best at what he does(just ask him)

What Is Wolverines power


How Did Wolverine Get His Powers

So how did Wolverine get his powers? Well obviously the powers we listed above were obtained at birth and manifested during adolescents as they do with most mutants. But although these were the powers that Logan was born with during his extended life he has acquired a few more aswell as many abilities. Because it seems that if you live to be 150 years old if more or less perfect health and perpetual peak physical condition you can actually learn quite a few things(which seems kinda obvious really), and in the 150 years that was walking around killing time(no pun intended) and joined the X-Me, he apparently travelled to a hell of a lot of places and did a hell of a lot of fighting. Logan was actually a soldier in the first and second world wars, and after that was a member of various covert and illegal black op teams most of which were specifically comprised entirely of mutants, the most famous of these groups was a weapons program developed by the Canadian government to specially experiment on mutants and engineer the ultimate soldier, the program was called Weapon X and in it’s various guises created multiple super soldiers but it’s most famous creation was without a doubt Wolverine.

How Did Wolverine Get His Powers

Unfortunately for Wolverine there severe consequences to his association from all these black op groups, as most were run by unscrupulous and untrusting organisations the operatives were subjected to intense and varying forms of mind control, mind wiping, memory implantation, hypno control, telepathic intrusion and mental conditioning, and in Wolverines case this led to near total amnesia and loss of self, and the man who was born James Howlett ceased to exist and he became known as simply Logan. One positive side effect of thing mental conditioning and fractured psyche is that Wolverine is highly resistant to telepathic attacks.

The other life altering change to his life was that the Weapon X program would take the opportunity to use Logan’s powerful healing factor, to lace his bones with an indestructible metal known as Adamantium, which combined with his ability to heal from any wound would make him very formidable weapon, and because Wolverine already had bone claws the new Adamantium coated claws would become his trademark, able to cut through virtually anything.

Although in combat Wolverine seems primal and animalistic his intelligence is actually very high and because of his expanded lifespan and extensive travel he has learned many languages including Arabic, Chinese, English,  French, German,  Japanese, Lakota, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. The time in the military and as a mercenary has taught him extensive weapons, combat, assassination and stealth techniques aswell as tactics. Having lived in Japan for a time he also learned the way of the Samurai, becoming a master swordsman. Wolverine is also a gifted mechanic and is familiar with how to operate a variety of vehicles, computers and equipment, including aircraft.

And so yes while Wolverine was born with mutant powers, he has also spent a lifetime(or several really) acquiring new powers, skills and training, and despite his animalistic nature and ferocity of his combat to underestimate his intelligence is a mistake(maybe your last).


More About Marvel’s Wolverine

So when we wrote this article we had a look around at various sources to find out more about Marvel’s Wolverine, and we found some great stuff out there including this great You Tube clip which if you are interested tells you even more stuff about your favourite mutant, so have a look and enjoy.



So if you watched the video you found out that tragedy befalls our hero and he is killed by being encased in molten Adamantium, but as said earlier when your mutant healing factor allows to recover from anything(well not quite everything as it turns out), well writers are going to be particularly brutal to your character, and we listed some of the worst things that happened to Logan, but there was one we saving, and that is in one story arc that would have long lasting repercussions Magneto painfully ripped all the Adamantium out of his body(because Magneto’s that kinda guy), nearly killing him and somewhat depowering his offensive and defensive capabilities. Ouch.

But Wolverine has had a long and distinguished career and is easily a fan favourite and apart from being a full time member of the X-men, he has had multiple team ups(and beat downs) in the Marvel universe with characters like Captain America (way back in World War 2), Spiderman, Daredevil and having somewhat of a love/hate association with the likes of Deadpool and the Hulk. And proving it’s impossible to keep a good mutant down, and because it’s comics, that apart from the cloned Wolverine replacement X-23 they actually have a new Wolverine from an alternately reality, talking the Wolverine from the Old Man Logan continuity, which means things this Logan actually got eaten by the Hulk and killed him by clawing his way out of his stomach. How badass is that.


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