Toy Batman Belt

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Toy Batman Utility Belt For KidsEveryone remembers how much fun it was to be a kid, and everyone wants their kids to have fun. And what better way then to pretend they are Batman, complete with toy Batman belt. He has been around for nearly 80 years, and not a lot has changed in that time, the caped crusader is still fighting crime, punishing bad guys and locking them away. And what’s even more remarkable about him as opposed to other superheroes is that he does it all without and super powers at all. And that’s why kids love and want to be him. Out of all the superheroes out there, anyone at all can be the Batman, all you need is a cool costume and lots of fancy gadgets, and of course you need somewhere to put all those gadgets and that’s where Batman’s utility belt comes in handy. At Super Heroes Central we take a lot of pleasure in tracking down some of the best superhero merchandise you can buy, and we found a couple of great products for your consideration.



Toy Batman Utility Belt

Aside from being one of the world’s most recognisable and famous superheroes, Batman is also the world’s greatest detective. And with this great toy utility belt bundle your kids can be too. Guaranteed to provide hours upon hours of great entertainment for little aspiring detectives it has several cool features, the belt itself comes with a detachable belt buckle that is actually a motion detector alarm that kids will get a kick out of. Also it has a great tactical flashlight that will not only help them find whatever clues the bad guys left behind, but also let them know that justice will swift, as it can also project the bat signal onto any walls or surface they want, containing 4 different coloured light filters, additionally the bundle comes with a listening device that kids can use to spy on the villains aswell as a distractor, which they can throw and get to emit loud sounds to help them get close to the baddies so they can take them into custody, all these nifty toys clip straight on to one amazing belt. This toy Batman utility belt really is packed full of gadgets that kids will love and play with for ages, just bear in mind that many customer reviews said the packing displayed that it sized for kids 6 and over and that it won’t fit smaller kids very well, or at all.

Batman Utility Belt For Kids

A big part of the caped crusader’s success isn’t just his bullet resistant armour or his formidable fighting skills, it’s also his incredible intellect and all the fancy equipment he uses, he’s got something to help him  out in any situation. And with this great Batman utility belt for kids so can your little one. Designed for smaller kids and styled on the classic utility belts of yesteryear, it contains an assortment of toys that will amuse your kids. Featuring a pair of folding light weight plastic batarangs and functioning bat signal projector aswell as a few non functional toy gadgets, this Batman belt looks amazingly realistic. It’s a great toy on it’s own and would be an awesome utility belt for kids wearing classic Batman costumes. Sure to inspire many hours of fun and fantasy as they become the Batman rescuing people and fighting bad guys.


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