Thor’s Powers And Abilities

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God Of Thunder's SuperpowersThe Marvel Universe is full of literally countless heroes, and while nearly all of them have incredible powers and abilities, Thor is among the very few who can actually claim to be a god(That’s pretty impressive). First appearing in 1950 in the comic Venus #11 it wasn’t until over a decade later that would really begin to make people take notice in Journey Into Mystery #83. While Thor has been a popular superhero for decades it is only with his appearance on the big screen played by Aussie Chris Hemsworth that has made the God Of Thunder a huge part of popular culture, and now he is a truly household name with a legion of new fans. It’s easy to like Thor who has awesome powers and along with Iron Man, Hulk, Wasp, Ant Man and Captain America was a founding member of the Avengers. So now that the Thunder god has captured the imagination of the people, we’re sure he will be here to stay..

How Did Thor Get His Powers

So just how did Thor get his powers? Well the answer to that question consists of two parts, the first part being that although Thor is a god, it would probably be more accurate to say that he a godlike being, worshipped by the Norse Vikings of old as the God Of Thunder, Son of Odin, The All Father, king of the gods(In the Norse Pantheon of gods that is). And while the Vikings were correct(mostly) in the Marvel Universe both Thor and his father Odin did indeed belong to race of people called the Asgardians (Who were more godlike than actual gods), and yes to the primitive Vikings they did indeed seem to be gods. For the race of Asgardians live for a very long time, millennia in fact, they wield powerful magics and are superhumanly strong and incredibly resilient and all this must have confirmed the existence of the gods for the Norse peoples. Among his own people Thor was second only in power and stature to his father Odin, the king. The source of Thor’s incredible power is his heritage and not only the natural benefits of Asgardian physiology but from a combination of those and the attributes he inherited from mother Gaea, the spirit goddess of the Earth(because it’s the comics) you see Odin wanted his son to be especially powerful in the realm of Earth(mission accomplished).

How Did The God Of Thunder Start

The other reason that Thor is incredibly powerful is the fact the he wields a god forged hammer named Mjölnir. This mighty war hammer posses many abilities of it’s own and allows Thor to perform other extraordinary feats, without the hammer Thor would not be as formidable as he is. Mjölnir’s use does come with one particular caveat though, a safeguard placed on the powerful weapon by Odin, and that is whom ever shall wield it must be worthy, this is both to stop Thor becoming a despot and to safeguard the weapon from misuse in the hands of his enemies.

What Are Thor’s Powers

As we already said Thor’s powers stem from two factors his godly heritage(meaning both his mother and father) and his mighty war hammer Mjölnir, but just what are Thor’s powers?


  • He’s super strong, this is one of his more well known powers, while all Asgardians are very strong by human standards, Thor’s in a league of his own even by Asgardian standards,  he’s generally considered to be able to lift a 100 tons above his head(which is pretty damn impressive), this allows him to go head to head to with powerhouses like the Hulk. But because Thor a is Viking god from Norse mythology he wouldn’t be a Viking without the mandatory berserker rage, and when he slips into this uber madness it’s best for friends and foes alike to start running because this super strong Viking god, just got a lot stronger(up to 10 times stronger in fact). The downside to all this rage is if there are no bad guys to pound on around then he starts pounding on friends(which is not helpful)
  • He’s incredibly durable and resilient(he’d have to be if he fights guys like the Hulk), another benefit of belonging to a race of gods, but again Thor is remarkable even by the standards of his own people. His skin is impervious to all human weaponry but also extreme heat and cold(he’s flown into the center of the sun)this is a gift from his mother Gaea(who incidentally is an spiritual avatar of the Earth and an Elder god)
  • He’s Immune to all disease and illnesses(pretty self explanatory this one) ole Thor is not getting a cold or the Ebola virus either for that matter, another gift of his Elder God mother Gaea. This is one of the reasons that Odin coupled with Gaea, he wanted to his son to be extraordinary(which he is)
  • Superhuman healing, so when the God of Thunder does take a beating(which happens occasionally) but not to worry he’ll get better. Fast. Not wolverine fast mind you, but at an impressive speed none the less. Also if he loses a limb, it’s gone. Period. So while he does possess an very impressive healing factor it is not true regeneration.
  • He’s multi lingual, which is just a fancy way of saying that he can talk in any language(kind of)in fact Thor just talks in his own language and the person hears it in theirs, this is apparently a trait that all Asgardians share(handy)

God Of Thunder Flying

  • Flight, Thor can fly. Well sort of. What he actually does is throw his magical hammer Mjölnir and then just hangs on(hey it’s the comics)
  •  He’s super fast, this superpower is directly related to the previous one, when Mjölnir is hurled it can reach ludicrous speeds(it’s magical remember, plus it’s the comics) so if Thor is hanging on then he to is technically flying at ridiculous speeds. Neat.
  • Thor is able to use Mjölnir to teleport to anywhere in the universe aswell as alternate dimensions, which has made him vital to the Avengers success.
  • He has the ability to control the weather, this ability is linked to his war hammer Mjölnir, specifically the power to call down lightning to smite his foes(which has gotta hurt) and the ability to summon powerful winds, this he achieves by swinging Mjölnir at incredible speeds creating mini tornados.
  • He can fire Godblasts(it’s a thing) through Mjölnir. By channelling his own Asgardian/elder god life force through his hammer he fires powerful energy blasts, which are strong enough to slay other gods and immortals(that’s pretty scary) he is able to do this because in order to repair a destroyed Mjölnir, Dr Strange bound Thor’s life force to his war hammer. Which is great except that if the hammer were to be destroyed again Thor himself would die(which is obviously not so great)


How powerful Is Thor Without His Hammer

If you were wondering just how powerful Thor is without his hammer the answer is simply, very. Although many of his abilities are directly linked to Mjölnir, he is still an Asgardian, an ancient and powerful race considered to be gods by the primitive peoples of old earth, and not only is Thor a member of this esteemed race he is actually very nearly it’s strongest member, making him for all intents and purposes a literal god with super strength and near invunerbility, But if you want a more in depth analysis we found this great You Tube video.




At Superheroes Central we are big fans of the God of Thunder and we loved sharing these great facts about him, it must be said that mainly focussed on the classic Thor incarnation because that what we grew up with, and that his powers are subject to constant evolution and writers whims, as Marvel has rebooted it’s universe in recent years and several misadventures have befallen our once mighty hero including the loss of his beloved war hammer and the title of God of Thunder(that must suck). But we choose to remember to good times.


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