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We have all the best Thor accessories here on one page, stuff like costumes, pajamas & war hammers, we have made it easy to find and easy to use. Whether you are a little kid or a big kid, we have heaps of cool and exciting accessories featuring the mighty Thor, god of thunder. Whatever you looking for you will probably find it here. Visit here If you would like to know more about the original origin story of Thor, or  if you would like to browse for other fun facts and great products featuring some of the greatest superheroes ever visit Superheroes Central.




Best Thor Costumes For Adults And Boys

Look and feel like the mighty Avenger Thor, with an incredible selection of costumes, available in wide range of sizes for both adults and kids.  Perfect for many occasions, be the envy of all your friends as turn up to your favourite movie premiere wielding the powerful Mjolnir, and just generally looking cool. or perhaps impress others at birthday or costume parties with any one of the slick costumes available from Amazon.

Given all his abilities it’s hard not to like Thor, but what is hard, is choosing the right costume, with such a great selection of stylish costumes to pick from in store. For more detailed reviews on some the best Thor costumes for men click here


Best Thor Costume For Adults

Best Thor Costume For AdultsBest Thor Costume For BoysBest Thor Costume For BoysBestThor Costume For Adults  Best Thor Costume For Boys






Best Thor Costume For ToddlersBest Thor Costume For Toddlers

Best Thor Costume For Boys Best Thor Costume For Boys

Best Thor Costume For BoysBest Thor Costume For Boys








Best Thor Pajamas for Men and Boys

Sleep like Thor himself in these awesome and comfortable pajamas made. Thor is an immortal Viking god from Asguard, who along with his fellow Avengers, battle evil and injustice wherever it may be found. Possessing superhuman strength, durability, immortality, the weapon he possesses is the fearsome warhammer Mjölnir.


Long Winter Thor Pajama Pants

Boy's Thor Pajama CostumeBest Thor Pajamas for Men

Thor Pajamas Unisex







Best Thor Battle Hammer

Sure Thor is awesomely powerful, nearly immortal and incredibly strong, but what Thor’s enemies fear more most, is the mighty battle hammer Mjolnir. Wielding the ancient and holy artefact Thor’s already formidable abilities become nigh unbeatable. With hammer in hand he gains the power of flight, the power to create powerful gusts of wind and call lightning forth to smite his foes, nor does he have to worry about his enemies turning Mjolnir against him for none save Thor himself are worthy enough to carry his awesome battle hammer.

Best Thor Battle Hammer

Best Thor Battle HammerBest Thor Battle HammerBest Thor Battle Hammer Best Thor Battle Hammer







Best Thor Wigs for Adults and Boys

Thor is one Earth’s mightiest champions, an immortal god and founding member of the Avengers, and he is dressed for battle in his mail armor, helm and war hammer. You could be too if you were wearing one the amazing costumes available from Amazon, the difference between a good costume and a great costume could be long flowing golden locks, unfortunately not all of us are so lucky. But not to worry there are a great range of sizes and styles available for both young and old.

Best Thor Wig

Best Thor Wig for BoysBest Thor Wig for AdultsBest Thor Wig for Adults  Best Thor Wig for Adults







Best Thor Helmets for Adults and Boys

Take your awesome Thor look to the next level with a fantastic Thor helmet, which comes in a variety of styles and is available in sizes suitable for Adults and Kids from Amazon. Go on be a hero.


Best Thor HelmetBest Thor Helmet

Best Thor Helmet

Best Thor Helmet

Best Thor Helmet








Best Thor Posters and Cardboard Cutouts

We were all kids once and if the truth be told, some of us still are. We all had pictures on our walls, and again some of us still do. Thor is an iconic superhero that has been around for over 50 years, he has truly stood the test of time. Although he has always been a comic book fan favourite the recent marvel movies have breathed new life into Thor’s fan base, introducing the mighty god of thunder to an entirely new generation. Whether it is Thor perfectly inked in a comic, or Thor’s slick look in the new feature films, he will always look fantastic, so grab one the many posters available, cause there is something for everyone.



Best Thor Movie Poster

Thor Movie PosterBest Thor Movie PosterBest Thor Lifesize Cadboard CutoutBest Thor Comicbook Art









Thor Action Figures

Every little kid needs toys growing up, in a world of ever increasing technology, imagination gets left behind to0 often. So give your kid hours of great playtime by buying an amazing Thor action figure. These action figures are not only lifelike in appearance but they also have a wide range of dexterity and motion. So buy a Thor action figure today, so your child can smite evil doers everywhere.


Thor Action FigurineBest Thor Action Figure

Best Thor Action Figure

Best Thor Action FigureBest Thor Action Figure







Best Thor Action FigureBest Thor Action FigureBest Thor Action Figure

Best Thor Action Toy BestThor Action Figure





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