Batman Utility Belt For Sale

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Batman Utility Belt For SaleEveryone loves Batman, the world’s greatest detective and founding member of the Justice League, but at Super Heroes Central we understand that for some fans, that love goes a little deeper and they are downright passionate about the caped crusader(some might call it an obsession, but we know better). So for some, they love to dress as the dark knight at conventions, parties and comicons others just want to own a little piece of the legend, we get it. Whether you are a serious collector or have an amazing costume that needs tweaking we have looked around for you guys and found some great Batman utility belts for sale. Given that the dark knight has been around for over 80 years and has had  more than a few costume changes, we’ve tried to include something for everyone with different price points and styles, but with a few things in common, one, they all look like the genuine article, and two, they are all extremely awesome, so have a look and hopefully there is something right that can help make your authentic Batman costume something special.




Real Batman Utility Belt

For a lot of fans, the love for caped crusader started in the sixties, with the hugely popular Batman television series starring Adam West. What people loved about this classic cult show was the fact that it didn’t take itself seriously at all, it was a truly camp affair, and the audience lapped it up. But sadly all good things and every fad must come to an end and the show was cancelled after 3 exciting years filled with bad guys getting WHAMMED! by Batman and his faithful sidekick Robin. But if you want to remember those glorious days and have a tangible reminder of the past, you can with this amazingly real Batman utility belt. This detailed prop utility belt is a authentic reproduction from the 1966 television show Batman, made from bright yellow plastic and actually wearable, it has received glowing reviews from everyone that bought it, with more than a few people commenting on it’s realism because of plastic pouches that actually open from the bottom and the fact that it has a metal buckle and the belt itself actually has some weight to it which adds to the effect of the belt being the real deal. It also comes with a folding blue plastic batarang similar to one used by Adam West on the show. A great buy for fans of the series and serious collectors alike.

Classic Batman Utility Belt

This next classis Batman utility belt is again for people who love the classic Batman, while also similar to the belt worn by Adam West in the sixties television show, it also reminiscent of the belt seen in a period of over five decades in what people refer to as the classic Batman costume featured in comics, live action and animated series on television. This classic utility belt is a much cheaper version intended to be an addition to Batman costumes where the original belt is missing or just doesn’t measure up at all,  made from rubber and plastic this product has been bought by lots of people with most commenting favourably on it given the real looking pouches and it’s price point. A worthy addition to help bring some realism to any classic caped crusader costume.

Classic Batman Utility Belt

Adult Batman Utility Belt

As you can expect for a super hero that has been going over eight decades there have been more that few costume changes, with most of them coming faster than ever in the last 30 years as Batman features more and more in movies, video games and animated television series. For some fans though, the best version so far is the Dark Knight trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as the Batman. A serious and contemporary vision it is beloved by critics and fans alike, and is the inspiration that many draw upon when choosing their Batman costume. But as so often happen that even when you buy a great costume there is always something that is not quite right or needs upgrading to round out the costume, and that is what this adult Batman utility belt is for, to help fix those little problems. This belt is very economically priced and made from gold plastic connectors and Velcro at the back to size the belt for your needs. A perfect belt for adults who want that perfect Dark Knight costume.

Adult Batman Utilty Belt


Batman Utility Belt For Cosplay

Along with serious collector the other passionate Batman fan is the one that spends whatever it takes to get that perfect costume, with money being a secondary factor to authenticity, we are of course referring to those people who don’t wear a costume they cosplay it! And if you’re a serious cosplayer than the chances the chances are good that you have got the latest and greatest costume based on the one Ben Affleck wore in Batman verses Superman.  So this is great Batman utility belt for cosplay and it is also a perfect addition for costumes based on the dawn of justice version aswell. Bought by lots of people, it was warmly reviewed with far more positive than negative comments.

Batman Utility Belt For Cosplay





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