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Welcome to our page on Batman’s original story, obviously like us at Superheroes central you are a huge fan of the dark knight, the caped crusader, the world’s greatest detective, we are of course referring to the incomparable Batman. And why not? He just got so much going for him and if you want to just what Batman’s powers and abilities are click here, otherwise you can just keep reading to find out how it all started.

When Was Batman Created

When Was Batman Created

When was Batman created? It was in May of 1939, first appearing in Detective Comics #27, Batman was a dark costumed vigilante who used his enormous wealth and rigorous training to fight crime.  Created by both Bill Finger and Bob Kane.  He was originally a very different looking character,  conceived by Kane with reddish tights, no gloves or gauntlets, a small mask covering just his eyes rather than a cowl, and wing like protrusions attached to his arms rather then a cape. Kane asked Bill Finger to collaborate with him and together they refined Batman’s appearance into one most instantly recognisable superheroes of all time. The two of them changed the main colour of his tights to dark grey, replacing the small mask with a cowl that resembled the image of bat, and replacing the cumbersome wings with a cape. And truly Batman was born.

Among the other ideas the pair conceived was the secret identity of Batman. Bruce Wayne millionaire playboy and industrialist. Finger got the name Bruce, from Robert Bruce a famous Scottish king and patriot, and the name Wayne from Major General ‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne a famous war of independence General and leader of the Legions of America from 1792 to 1796.



Bruce Wayne Is BatmanIt took about a year for the character to be fully fleshed out with the addition of Batman’s utility belt, the backstory of how Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered when he was a child giving the character his impetuous and drive for pursuing a life a crime fighting as the masked vigilante. Among other early changes was that early Batman had little to no remorse about maiming or killing criminals, even using guns on occasion. Even though this Batman was a commercial success, editors at Detective Comics decided to soften his image, no longer would the Batman use guns.


Further softening of his image occurred whey introduced his sidekick Robin, Bruce Wayne’s ward Dick Grayson. Robin was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger with the addition of Jerry Robinson.  Designed to appeal to a younger readership, Robin’s introduction doubled sales of all Batman related titles. Robin was to spark a wave of young sidekicks in many comics.

Bruce Wayne is Batman

The Evolution of Batman has been fluid over the years but always the cornerstone of his character is the same. That young Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered at an early age, and that Bruce uses his family’s vast fortune and Wayne Enterprise’s limitless resources to fight crime. Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne both reside in the fictitious city of Gotham. Batman possesses no superhuman abilities, just an overwhelming drive and iron will. He trained himself in many forms of combat and martial arts, and used his wealth and connections to acquire the many vehicles, tools and armour he would use to fight crime.

Batman is regarded as one of the most formidable hand to hand fighters in the DC universe.  Batman is also attributed to having one of the finest minds, being a proficient scientist and the world’s finest detective. Described by friends and foes alike as one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Batman is also a founding member of the Justice League, an organisation featuring some of the world’s most powerful superheroes.


Batman In Other Media

Having been around for nearly eight decades, Batman is not only one of the most iconic and popular superheroes ever, he is also one of the most prolific, he long ago moved off the pages of comics books and started to appear in various other media and on an incredible range of merchandise. Indeed Batman’s appeal is so broad that has appeared in numerous television shows and movies aswell as on branded clothing, lunchboxes and even in multiple video games. It appears the Dark Knight is showing no sign of slowing down in his old age.

Batman And Robin TV Show

Batman And Robin TV ShowIn 1966 there was a live action Batman And Robin TV Show on America’s ABC starring Adam West as Batman. The show ran 120 episodes, had a style of action and drama that was described as camp and was a pop culture phenomenon. In between filming the first and second season they filmed what would become the first of many Batman feature length films. Eventually the shows general campiness and style would see it’s popularity fade and the show was cancelled in 1968.

But Batman didn’t disappear from the small screen with several popular and award winning animated series on and the screen from 1967 t0 2013. Originally in 1967 there was the animated series The Superman/Batman Hour, which was cancelled due to a loss of television rights due ABC’s live action television show. The Batman segments would eventually be repackaged as a The Adventures of Batman with Robin the boy wonder.

From 1973 until 1986, Batman was a prominent figure role in ABC’s Super Friends series. Super Friends was an animated series that was based on characters from the Justice League. Also in 1977 Filmation had an animated series The New Adventures of Batman. In 1992 the most Critically acclaimed and awarded of the animated series debuted on Fox, titled Batman: The Animated Series it won multiple Emmy Awards and spawned several spinoffs. Finally in 2004, 2008 and 2013 respectively, the animated series The Batman, Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Beware The Batman. In 2014 a live action television series titled Gotham premiered.

Batman In The Movies

Batman InThe Movies

In 1989, the live-action feature film Batman; directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton as the title character was released. The film  was the top-grossing film of the year, and at the time was the fifth highest-grossing film in history.  The film’s success spawned three sequels: Batman Returns(1992), which still starred Michael Keaton and once again directed by Tim burton, Batman Forever(1995) and Batman and Robin (1997); the latter two of which were directed by Joel Schumacher instead of Burton, and replaced Keaton as Batman with Val Kilmer and George, respectively. The Schumacher films failed to out gross any of its predecessors and were poorly received by both fans and critics alike; causing the cancelation of the planned fourth sequel, Batman Unchained.

In 2005 the franchise was rebooted with the film Batman Begins, the film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as batman, the film was acclaimed by fans and it’s sequel The Dark Knight (2008)smashed many box office records, including biggest opening weekend, and second highest grossing film of all time(at the time) and included a post humourlessly awarded Academy award to actor Heath Ledger for his incredible portrayal of the Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis. Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was completed in 2012 by the film The Dark Knight Rises.

The latest film incarnation of Batman was Ben Affleck’s portrayal in the blockbuster Batman Verses Superman directed by Zac Snyder.  Along with Snyder’s previous film Superman, the film is the beginning of the DC Universes series of planned films including a solo Batman film, as well as solo films for Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Flash culminating in the movie spectacle Justice League.

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