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Authentic Iron Man Helmet

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At Super Heroes Central we know there are plenty of authentic Iron Man costumes out there for adults aswell as kids, but even when you buy the costume that you love, it’s possible that helmet just doesn’t look good enough or maybe it just doesn’t fit, and that’s why we looked on the net and found the most authentic Iron Man helmet you can buy without breaking the bank. First we found some costumes, and yes some are more authentic than others but it really is a matter of price point and comfortability  the point is a great Iron Man costume can be both expensive and a little challenging to wear. But for true fans of the armoured Avenger that is a price they are willing to pay to dress as one the most popular Marvel heroes of recent times. And so if you are going to go the trouble of than you might need a little something special to round out that costume and take it to the next level, and we believe we have found with this amazing Iron Man helmet.

It is absolutely perfect for people who love tom dress up, either for parties with friends or family(the kids would love to see you in this), or whether you are one of a growing number of devoted fans who love to get out and impress others with devotion to you favourite superhero at conventions. In this helmet you really will feel like your Tony Stark in his custom made state-of-the-art Iron Man armour ready to fight the bad guys and protect the world with your other Avenger buddies like Thor, Captain America and Spiderman.

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Real Iron Man Mask

This real Iron Man mask has to be seen to be believed(and there is a great promotional video at the end of this page) at a scale of 1:1 the design of this helmet is incredibly detailed(even the actual inside of the helmet and faceplate has been molded and finished to resemble actual electronics and circuitry)  and the immaculate exterior paint work which has a metallic finish which gives a realistic impression that the helmet is actually made from a high tech alloy, all this and it is fully wearable as well. Made from plastic it has some great features including LED light up optical lenses that will give you that glowing eyes effect as seen in the movies, aswell as some cool electronic sound effects. With a detachable magnetic faceplate it is really easy to put the mask on. It has been bought by so many costumers with a huge amount of them sharing their overwhelming positive experiences with this product. So if you are in the market for a great costume accessory or even an affordable collectable than look no further because even though there are other similar high quality Iron Man masks out there, none of them blends these incredible design features, technology and authentic appearance at this price point, it really is a great price for a mask that looks this real and is well worth considering.




Iron Man Helmet Video

At Super heroes Central we were so impressed by the this authentic Iron Man helmet after we watched this great promotional video. As we said earlier it has to be seen to be believed, the ease of which this guys guy put the helmet on and cool factor of the detachable faceplate combined with how amazing the details and paintwork look on this mask it. We just had to share and after watching this video we know you’ll love this real Iron Man mask too.





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