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Realistic Batman CowlSo you’ve bought your mind blowing realistic Batman costume, you’ve waited for it to it ship, you tried it on and it looks absolutely stunning, except for one very important detail, the mask that came with the costume isn’t quite right and you need an authentic Batman mask. It may be because the one that came with it is too big, too small, too uncomfortable, it’s hard to see out of or maybe it’s just poor quality and doesn’t do the rest of the costume justice. Whatever the reason at Superheroes Central we understand that these things happen and we do our best to help out, so we’ve found a few authentic Batman masks for sale, and hopefully you can match one of them to suit the costume that you have purchased.

Below are some amazing Batman masks from a variety of different styled costumes, including the newest movie incarnation seen in the blockbuster Batman vs Superman starring Ben Affleck as the caped crusader and Henry Cavil as the man of steel, it truly was a movie of epic proportions and is a great launching pad for the DC cinematic universe. Also featured is a mask from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece the Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale as the hero, this movie for many fans is the benchmark for Batman films eclipsing the films that came before and setting the bar for the films that are to follow, it will be hard to knockoff it’s lofty perch for some fans. And finally the last mask is at testament to Batman’s appeal and longevity as well as showing that he continues to reach new audiences and make new fans, based on the popular and visually stunning Arkham knight series of video games, it proves that there is plenty of life left in this superhero and he will be as popular if not even more so going into the future.

If you want to know how it all started go to Batman’s origins, or if you would like to know just what Batman’s powers and abilities are click here.

Batman VS Superman Cowl

In Batman vs Superman, how amazing did the caped crusader look? The new look for the costume was fantastic, going away from the ultra dark costumes of the past and getting closer to Batman’s roots while still being an ultra modern and unique look. So if you have bought a Batman vs Superman costume maybe you weren’t happy with cowl that came with it, or perhaps it just wasn’t a great fit. No problem this mask could be a cheap fix for you to help make your costume more authentic, reviewed by lots of customers it got mostly positive comments, they especially appreciated the quality given the price point, the single biggest complaint was that sometimes in shipping the mask arrived badly folded and the creases stayed visible after putting the mask on. Other than that rare occurrence people were pretty happy.

 Batman Masks For Adults

This impressive Batman mask for adults is perfect for fans of the Dark knight series of movies, black in colour and made from latex, it has been bought and reviewed by hundreds of people who absolutely loved it and has received hugely positive feedback.  Although it only comes in one size for most adults that wasn’t a problem and it fit nicely, one tip that has been shared in the reviews is that in order to have the ear pieces stand up and stay firm, it’s a good idea to fill the ear cavities with foam, and with simple adjustment this mask truly is perfect. A very authentic looking mask and a great buy.



Real Batman Cowl

With this stunning cowl there will no mistaking which superhero you are, based on the hugely popular Batman Arkham Knight series of video games, it is a great addition to that styled Batman costume as well as a batman costume based on the Michel Keaton films as the ear pieces are very similarly designed. It just looks cool. Lots of customers have purchased this mask and there was hardly a negative comment to be found, the only thing is again the people suggested filling the earpieces with foam or some other form of stuffing to keep them upright. A very visually stunning and real looking Batman mask for fans who want to really look the part.





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