Adam West Batman Mask

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Adam West Batman MaskLooking for a great Adam West Batman mask to go with your authentic Batman costume,  well we have got some absolute gems for you, no matter what you need. At Super Heroes Central for try and cater to every bodies needs and this selection of quality Batman masks is no exception. All styled on the great 1966 television series titled Batman, Starring Adam west as the hippest and campest caped crusader to ever the screen, big or small, and Burt Ward as his equally camp and excitable sidekick Robin. The 3 items that we have presented are similar in appearance but yet very different on purpose and price point. Firstly there is the cheaper cowl which is for those who need to replace or upgrade their adult batman costume mask for whatever reason, whether it’s because of size, quality or appearance. Secondly we have a moderately expensive cowl for collectors looking to add premium items to their collection of memorabilia, but on a reasonable budget. And lastly we have a big ticket 1966 Batman Mask  featuring a signature by none other than the king of swing himself, Adam West. Wow this extremely unique item is not to be missed by serious collectors.

If you ever just wondered just what Batman’s powers and abilities are click here to find out, or if you want to know just how it all started go to Batman’s origins, both pages are full of fun facts which you can use to impress people with your knowledge of the caped crusader.



Classic Batman Cowl

For some people the 1966 television series is source of great memories and of innocence while todays versions of the dark knight are far more spectacular and realistic, they lack the sense of fun and appeal of the 1966 version. So if you are a fan and have bought that style costume and need a new or replacement classic Batman cowl than this could be the right one for you. Made from latex it is full head cowl, featuring all those quirky design features this classic mask includes drawn on arching eyebrows and highlighted nose piece which give the caped crusader his more affable look. While is has not been purchased by a lot of people it has been rated extremely high in terms of customer satisfaction, with everyone loving both it’s fit and appearance. A very solid buy.



Batman Cowl Replica For Sale

For those people who have waited 50 years to own a piece of television pop culture, this Batman cowl replica for sale is for you guys. Styled on the cowl seen in the 1966 television show it is made from a combination of spandex and lycra, while it also feature drawn on eyebrow and an accentuated nose piece, a few thing set this mask apart from cheaper versions, firstly while it is a made from a soft pliable material it actually has a hard rigid shell underneath which allows the cowl to both retain it’s shape when worn and also when it is on display in it’s box, which actually doubles as a means of delivery and a nifty little stand to show off this great item. Secondly, unlike the previous mask we showed you this one has an attached neck covering which covers the area between the cowl itself and your costume completing that authentic Batman look. It has received mostly high praise from those who reviewed the item, a great quality cowl for a modest price.



1966 Batman Mask Memorabilia

We have saved the most exciting product to last with this 1966 Batman mask memorabilia. What can we say about this item, except what a great opportunity to own a genuine and completely verifiable piece of popular culture. The 1966 television series was a sensation, starting an absolute bat craze.  Before the show the caped crusader was already an extremely popular comic book superhero for those who read the comics, but it was the television show which brought Batman into the living room of most American households, increasing his popularity tenfold. It laid the foundations for not only the blockbuster Batman motion pictures that were to follow decades later, but all superhero television shows and movies in general, because the audience never forgot their love affair and affinity with superheroes, and it also showed that it was possible to bring comic book heroes out of the pages and onto screens in a spectacular way that previous live action shows and movies had failed to do.

Of course none of this would have been possible without legendary actor the late Adam West, who infected Batman with a unique sense of fun, style and cool that has never been replicated before or since. There never will be another wave surfing, shark fighting caped crusader ever again. This incredible mask was personally hand signed by Adam West and includes photographic evidence to that fact as well serial number and documented authentication hologram all of which is displayed in the stylish glass display case that the 1966 Batman memorabilia is shipped in. For serious collectors and fans this is a unique opportunity that is not to be missed.









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